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Massachusetts Air Conditioning & Gas Heating 2021 Rebates

There are many opportunities for plumbing, heating and cooling rebates in Massachusetts for 2021. Mass Save is a  energy savings program for residents of Massachusetts. They offer many energy savings tips and free in-home evaluations of your home’s energy savings potential. They are also currents offering an excellent 0% financing program for eligible homeowners whom are interested in replacing their plumbing, heating, and air conditioning systems with more efficient ones. It is a great opportunity to take advantage of the 0% financing and rebates all in one!

Over $3,457 in Rebates!

Cooling, Heating & Hot Water System Rebates

To find out more about the Mass Save energy savings program visit their website at

High-Efficiency Natural Gas Heating Equipment Rebates

Equipment Rebate Minimum AFUE
Furnace with ECM blower $1,000 95%
Furnace with ECM blower $1,250 97%
Furnace with ECM blower and on demand hot water $950 97%
Hot water boiler $2,000 90%
Hot water boiler $2,750 95%
High Efficiency Combination Boiler $2,400 95%

High- Efficiency Natural Gas Water Heating Equipment

Equipment Rebate      Efficiency Requirement
ENERGY STAR Tankless Water Heater $700      UEF of .87 or greater
ENERGY STAR Storage Water Heater $100      Med Draw UEF of .64+ and High Draw UEF of .68+
ENERGY STAR Condensing Water Heater $500      UEF of .80 or greater
Indirect Water Heater $400

Central Air Conditioning and Air Source Heat Pump Rebates

Fuel Type Equipment Delivery Requirements Rebate
Existing Central Ducted 16+ SEER and 13+ EER $50/ton
Existing Heat Pump Ducted or Mixed 15+ SEER and 9+ HSPF $350/ton
Displacing Oil or Propane  Heat Pump Ducted or Mixed 15+ SEER, 9+ HSPH, w/ integrated controls $1,000/ton
Existing Heat Pump Non-Ducted $150/ton
Electric Heat Heat Pump Non-Ducted 900 kWh/month difference between 3 highest and 3 lowest usage months $1,000/ton
Displacing Oil or Propane Heat Pump Non-Ducted must have Integrated Controls $1,600/ton
Displacing Oil or Propane Added to existing air-source heat pump equipment. Refer to qualified products list. $500/zone*

*up to $1,500

 NEEP Cold Climate Air-Source Heat Pump Product List

*Subject to change and restrictions apply. Please contact Mass Save or Cool Smart for specific system eligibility requirements. In many cases additional specifications are required.

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