Take Advantage of Mass Save Central AC and Heat Pump Rebates

We’ve mentioned this before, but Nicholson Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning is the high efficiency home expert that you want to work with if great efficiency and energy savings are priorities in your Natick, MA home. In our last blog, we talked about the outstanding Carrier Infinity® Series and the rebates available when choosing those … Continued

AC Recommendation: The Carrier Infinity® Series

This summer really got off to a hot start, didn’t it? Chances are that, with temperatures hovering in the 80’s, you’ve already had cause to put your home cooling system into action. Hopefully your AC got off to a great start and is operating effectively and efficiently for you thus far. If you are ready to … Continued

Choosing the Right Size for Your Air Conditioner

If you are looking to install a new air conditioning system for a brand new property, or if you are ready to replace an old, ailing system, you need to work with a trained professional to ensure that your air conditioner is the right size for your home. If not, you are going to encounter a … Continued

Now Is the Time to Schedule Your Air Conditioning Tune-Up

When the hottest time of the year is upon us, as it will be before we know it, is your air conditioner going to excel in its operation? If it is not well-maintained by a qualified professional before the summer season hits, there is no way that you can expect it to do so. That … Continued

“Does My Air Conditioner Need More Freon?” [FAQ]

Is your air conditioner not cooling your home properly? Most homeowners usually think, “My air conditioner must need more Freon!” Well, it may. But don’t jump the gun. Your problem may be caused by something simple you can actually fix. Fixing these simple problems can save you the cost of a service visit. Do these … Continued

How Can I Keep My Upstairs Cooler?

Is the upstairs of your home several degrees warmer than the downstairs during the summer? Is sleeping upstairs unbearable during this time of the year? It stinks. So what can you do? We’ll give you 4 different solutions (some of which can work together) that will help your upstairs chill out. 1) Get Your Air … Continued

“Why is Ice Forming on My Inside Air Conditioning Unit?”

You’re concerned. Your central air conditioning isn’t cooling your home very well. So you go to check the inside unit and, lo and behold, your central AC’s inside unit is frosted over! (Which you probably find strange considering it’s summer). What could be the problem? There are 2 main issues causing this. 1) Weak/Reduced Airflow … Continued

Central Air Conditioning: 3 Easy Ways to Prepare Your A/C for Summer

Want to keep cooling cost to a minimum this summer? Of course, who wouldn’t? Well, you need to make sure your central A/C is in tip top shape to work as efficiently as possible. Here are 3 ways you can easily prepare your central air conditioner for the sweaty summer that’s around the corner. Check/change the … Continued

3 Signs You Need Air Conditioning Replacement

The decision to replace your air conditioner is not an easy one. The air conditioner replacement cost for a basic two-ton model is around $3,000, and a mid-grade model is around $5,000. So it’s not a purchase you take lightly. But the cost to keep an old AC unit could be more than purchasing a … Continued

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