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Outdoor Lighting Installation Services in Framingham, MA

Exterior lighting can improve the look of your home, but it does much more than that. It can also keep your family, friends, and guests safe. There are many choices when it comes to outdoor lighting and outdoor lighting installers

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You don’t have to worry about quality of work when you have technicians from Nicholson to get the job done. We have the equipment and experience required to ensure your outdoor lighting installation is successful. We can also help you make the best lighting choices for your home. 

Types of Outdoor Lights

Outdoor lighting comes in various shapes and sizes. There’s considerable overlap in some types of lights while others have more specific uses. The primary purposes for outdoor lighting are to highlight the landscape and provide security for guests and family members. 

Landscape Lighting

Our professional technicians understand the complexities of landscape lighting. The goal is to highlight areas of your home and the surrounding spaces. Lighting brings beauty and focus to areas of your property you want people to notice. 

Here are some of the various types of landscape lighting we have experience with. Don’t hesitate to ask if you have another kind of lighting you’re curious about. Our technicians can help recommend the best option for your home, which may include:

  • Pathway lights — Pathway lights are an excellent tool for household aesthetics. They’re a great addition that adds an atmosphere of elegance. Pathway lights are ideal for any outdoor living space or entertaining area. 
  • Deck and patio lights — Deck and patio lights offer a great way to increase visibility and highlight your outdoor spaces. Your deck or patio can become more useful so you can host parties that last well into the night. It makes cooking and cleaning up after dark easier, too.
  • Hanging lights — Add instant ambiance to your outdoor areas and landscape with hanging lights. They’re a great addition to any home by creating a beautiful, inviting atmosphere.
  • Post lights — Stylish and functional post lights are a great way to add warm lighting to your outdoor spaces. They enhance the beauty of your landscape and offer great looks of their own.
  • Driveway lights — Enhance safety while making your driveway look better. Driveway lights are a great way to add some ambiance to the exterior of your property. These lights are often subdued, which can improve the overall atmosphere.
  • Step lighting — Increase the visual interest of your landscaping and home with step lighting. Step lights are a great way to make the pathways and staircases around your home safer and more secure. 
  • Spotlighting — Spotlights help add depth. They can also direct attention to beautiful landscaping. If you do it right, people won’t help but notice the appearance of your home.
  • Accent lights — If you want just the right amount of illumination, accent lights are a great choice. You can use them to highlight areas without overpowering the landscape around them. They’re also great for dim lighting and ambiance. 

Step Lighting Installation Framingham MASecurity Lighting

Another primary reason for installing outdoor lights revolves around security. One thing many criminals look for are dark, quiet places so they don’t draw attention to themselves or get confronted by police or homeowners. Security lights are bright and often fully illuminate the areas they’re aimed towards. Security lights are installed for various reasons, ranging from a safety measure to help prevent falls to brightening an area to deter criminal activity.

While security lighting does serve a practical purpose, that doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful too. Security lighting tends to be big and bold. You can use this type of lighting to draw attention to any part of the house you want. Security lighting does all of this while still providing the security you need. 

Factors to Consider When Installing Security Lighting 

The first thing to consider is where the darkest areas around your home are. These areas are often in the back or out by bushes and other landscaping. These dark areas are difficult to walk through at night and provide great cover for someone who might plan to break into your home. 

You should also know what areas of your home typically pose safety concerns. These areas include doorways, staircases, and uneven walkways. Decks and patios often fall into this category as well. You don’t want a guest or member of your family to trip and fall because they can’t see.

Once you locate the areas on your property that need lighting, remember security lighting is bright. It’s designed to saturate an area with light. Consider both the area you’re illuminating and what lies behind it. The last thing you need is a spotlight shining into your bedroom all night long.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask our outdoor lighting electricians. Our electricians have experience installing outdoor lighting that’s equally functional and aesthetic. Our outdoor lighting installers can provide you with ideas and more detailed information once they inspect your property in person.

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No matter what type of lighting needs you have, our expert technicians are ready to get to work. We have years of experience working with residents in the Framingham, Needham, Ashland, Dedham, and other surrounding areas of Massachusetts. Our local electricians know the area in which they live and work to provide the best services possible.

Don’t wait for the outdoor lighting that will make your property more beautiful and safer. Let Nicholson take care of the lighting solutions so you can get back to enjoying your home. We’re ready to get started installing any lights of your choosing.

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