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Furnace Replacement and Installation Services in Massachusetts

It’s no secret the weather in Massachusetts gets chilly throughout the winter season. To ensure you are comfortable when the temperature drops, our team is always available to help you replace an outdated heating system in your home. Our technicians offer reliable furnace replacement and installation services for homes in areas of Massachusetts such as Framingham, Marlborough, Milford, Newton, Waltham, and Natick. Curling up and getting cozy in a warm home does not have to be a farfetched dream. Make it a reality with the team at Nicholson.

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There’s a reason why Massachusetts homeowners choose the staff at Nicholson. We are a family-owned business dedicated to helping other families enjoy the comfort and safety of their homes. Our team offers transparent upfront pricing on an array of furnace services to choose from. Give our team a call at (508) 301-1767 to receive help choosing a new energy-efficient furnace for your house.

8 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Furnace

Is your furnace struggling to heat your home? If your furnace isn’t operating as efficiently as it used to, you may need to replace it. Here are our top eight signs you may need to invest in a new furnace.

1. Your System Is Old

Furnaces won’t last forever. The average lifespan of a furnace ranges from 10-15 years depending on how often you use and maintain it. To check the age of your furnace, open up the owner’s manual or look up the model number of your system.

2. You Have High Energy Bills

Increased energy bills aren’t the kind of envelopes you look forward to opening. If your energy bills have skyrocketed, there is a chance that your furnace is to blame. An insufficient furnace will suck up more power to work twice as hard. Hiring our professionals to perform a furnace installation may help you save money on your utility bills.

3. Excessive Dust and Dirt Particles

Have you noticed a lot of dirt, dust, and dander building up around your home lately? Your furnace may be the source of the issue. This can lead to asthma and other respiratory issues. A malfunctioning furnace that’s spitting out debris is a clear sign that it’s time to replace it. Our team provides dependable furnace replacement services for homeowners in Framingham, MA and other areas. Our staff will help you choose a new furnace to eliminate excess dirt and dust in your house.

4. Home Humidity Problems

Has your nose and throat been bothering you due to dry air? Excessively dry air in your home during the winter months can be a direct result of a faulty furnace. When you schedule a service with Nicholson, we will get to the bottom of the humidity issues in your home without having to wait days on end.

5. Areas of Your Home Are Heating Unevenly

If your living room is warm while your bedroom is ice cold, you may have a furnace problem. A furnace distributing uneven heat typically means it’s time to talk to our contractors about the benefits of performing a furnace installation. Aging furnaces have a hard time pushing heat throughout different parts of your home. Contact our experts today to get started on your road to effective heating.

6. Strange Furnace Sounds

Furnaces make noise, but if you hear anything other than chirping or clicking, you may have a problem. Strange noises in your furnace such as banging, rattling, and clanging can be signs of a serious issue. Give our staff a call by phone at (508) 301-1767 if you hear any out-of-the-ordinary sounds coming from your furnace.

7. Visible Signs of Rust or Cracks

Rust and cracks around your furnace can be dangerous. This wear and tear will happen over time, so it’s important to inspect your furnace as it ages to ensure no corrosion or other signs of damage. If there are visible signs of damage, it’s time to set up a furnace replacement project with Nicholson.

8. Continuous Repairs

Feeling like you’re constantly repairing your furnace? Frequent repairs can make you feel like you’re taking one step forward and three steps back. Continuously repairing your furnace can be stressful and expensive. End your relationship with constant HVAC repairs and let our team finally install the peace of mind you deserve.

Furnace Replacement Services in Framingham, MA

Furnace Installation Services in Framingham, MA and Other Areas

When you work with us, you can count on your home never going cold throughout the winter season. Your safety, comfort, and satisfaction are our top priorities, that’s why we hire the best heating technicians in the industry. Our technicians offer robust furnace installation and replacement services for families in areas of Massachusetts such as Needham, Milford, Newton, Marlborough, Waltham, and Newton. Stop dealing with your old furnace and experience the joy of a perfectly heated home this season.

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If you need help choosing a new furnace for your house, give our team a call at (508) 301-1767 to schedule an appointment.

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