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Sink Installation and Repair Services

Do you notice rust on your kitchen sink? Is the water supply to your sink low? This is a sign it’s time to replace your sink. Luckily, our skilled plumbers are available to help you fix or install a new faucet. Our team of technicians offer exceptional sink installation and repair services for homes in areas of Massachusetts such as Framingham, Newton, Natick, Marlborough, Waltham, and Milford. Give our plumbers a call by phone at (508) 301-1767 to receive assistance with a damaged sink in your house.

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5 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Kitchen Sink

Your kitchen sink is one of the most frequently used fixtures in your home, and it endures a lot of wear and tear over the years. While regular maintenance can help prolong its lifespan, there will come a time when it needs to be replaced. To help you resolve your plumbing issues, we have created an outline of the main signs it’s time to install a new kitchen sink.

1. Different Kitchen Style and Design

After living in your home for several years, you may want to remodel a room. However, when it comes time to change your kitchen, consider doing a sink replacement.

Depending on how you remodel your kitchen, it can affect the overall feel of the room. For example, your counters may make your sink look smaller. Also, replace your sink before the end of its life cycle. This will prevent damage from happening in the future.

2. Increased Needs

Depending on your needs within your home, you may need to replace your sink. For example, if you have a big family, a farmhouse kitchen sink may suit your needs. This will provide space for you to wash dishes and handle food preparation due to the space it provides. Therefore, you may want to replace your sink to help meet your current needs.

3. Water Leaks and Low Water Pressure

Water leaks can severely damage your kitchen cabinets and subflooring under the sink. To prevent water damage to your cabinets, walls, or subfloors, it may be time to buy a new sink. Our team of skilled plumbers offer reputable sink installation services for homeowners in Framingham, MA and are committed to helping you replace the old faucet in your kitchen.

The water pressure to your kitchen sink should be at 50 psi. This level is efficient enough for daily functions in the kitchen. However, if you notice a decrease in pressure, it could be from a defective valve or clogged drain. To solve this problem, contact your plumber so they can determine if a sink repair or replacement is necessary.

4. Frequent Repairs

Are you constantly calling your plumber to perform kitchen sink repair projects? Frequent repairs can be frustrating and costly, and it may be a sign that it’s time to replace your kitchen sink altogether.

Sinks can become damaged, corroded, or outdated over time, leading to persistent issues that require frequent attention. Upgrading to a new sink can provide a fresh start and improve the overall functionality and appearance of your kitchen.

5. Rust and Damage

Over time your sink may begin to rust due to blocked food, old grease, and other debris. Eventually, this rust can lead to damage in your pipes causing contamination to your water supply. You don’t want this to happen as it can be detrimental to your health. So, consider getting a new sink if you notice rust or other damage.

Sink Installation and Repair Services in Framingham, MA

4 Types of Kitchen Sinks

If you decide to install a new kitchen sink, you’ll have several style options to choose from. Below are five different styles of kitchen sinks.

Top-Mount Sinks

A top-mount sink is installed above the counters through a cut hole. This style of kitchen sink is also known as a drop-in. The rim carries the entire weight of the sink. Afterward, silicone is caulked around the rim of the sink. They are sometimes called self-rimming sinks because the edge forms a rim.

A benefit about top-mount sinks is that they are not expensive to install, However, gunk may collect under the sink where it meets with the counter, so it’s important to keep an eye on it and perform routine cleaning.

Double Basin Sinks

A favorite of many, a double basin sink provides two sections for multiple purposes. One side of the sink can be used for washing dishes, and the other is for rinsing or drying. The downside is cleaning bigger pots and pans in the sink can be hard.

If you believe a double basin sink is the correct choice for your kitchen, book an appointment with our team of plumbers. Our technicians offer dependable sink installation and repair services in Newton, MA and have the tools necessary to install a double basin sink in your kitchen.

Single Basin Sinks

The single basin sink has no divided basin to separate different tasks. It’s great when you need to wash big pots and pans or have a big family who uses the kitchen a lot.

Farmhouse Sinks

A farmhouse sink is a larger size than a single basin sink. The front of the sink sticks out, providing a resting area for those always at the kitchen sink. However, this sink style is prone to dripping and can be expensive to install.

Sink Replacement and Repair Services in Framingham, MA

Sink Repair and Replacement Services Framingham, MA and Other Areas

If you need a new sink for your kitchen or bathroom, give our expert plumbers a call at (508) 301-1767 to book an appointment. Our technicians offer superior sink replacement and repair services for homeowners in areas of Massachusetts such as Marlborough, Walpole, Newton, Needham, Hudson, and Framingham. We will help you choose the correct type of sink for your kitchen or bathroom.

Our team of professionals also offer other types of local plumbing services such as water leak repair, sump pump installation, drain cleaning, and water heater replacement. Our technicians are available to help you install a new sink or resolve other plumbing issues in your house. Book an appointment online or give us a call to receive support.

If you need support with installing a new sink in your kitchen or bathroom, give our plumbers a call at (508) 301-1767 to book an appointment.

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