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Electrical Services

Electricians in Framingham, MA and Other Areas

Homeowners in Massachusetts know how important electrical issues are. Our team of electrical contractors offer comprehensive electrical services for homeowners in areas such as Framingham, Marlborough, Natick, Newton, Waltham, Norwood, and Milford. No matter how big or small the issue, give our professionals a call at (508) 301-1767 and we will do whatever it takes to get your house working just the way you need it to.

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Our Electrical Services in Framingham Include, But Aren’t Limited To:

Why Choose Our Framingham Electricians

When you need electrical help, you can trust our electricians in Framingham, MA and the MetroWest area because we:

  • Are family-owned and operated
  • Have a 100% satisfaction guarantee warranty on all parts and labor
  • Offer transparent upfront pricing; no hidden costs or upselling
  • Provide 24-hour emergency plumbing & HVAC services
  • Are “Committed to Customers and Service Excellence!”

Electrical Panel Upgrade and Installation Services

An electrical panel is usually a box with a door on the front. It contains all of the circuit breakers for your entire house. Normally, it is attached to the outside of your home, but it could be in your garage or basement. This panel controls all of the power for your house.

If your electrical panel is 20-30 years old or older, we recommend hiring a professional to perform an upgrade, as most panels won’t last much longer than that. If you’ve ever experienced a blackout, you know how stressful it can be. You may have even had to try to find and fix your electrical panel. Our trusted electricians are experts in electrical panel upgrades and are ready to tackle any electrical project.

Electrical Services in Framingham, MA

Rewiring Services

Wiring or rewiring a house is a big job and should only be handled by a skilled electrician. Although it is a big job, it doesn’t have to be a hassle. Whether you are installing outdoor lights, or have another project in mind, our expert contractors will get everything working efficiently. We work fast and will get the job done right, and maybe sooner than you would expect.

Lighting Installation and Replacement Services

You may have a lighting project in mind but have been putting it off because it seems too scary. The project may require you to add wiring or rewire parts of your house, and this may be a little intimidating.

Leave it to the experts to get your project the way you want it. Our team of technicians provide reputable lighting and electrical installation services in Natick, MA and are available to help you choose new light fixtures for your kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom. Whether your project is indoors or outdoors, leave it up to us to get it done right.

5 Warning Signs of a Faulty Light Fixture

1. Humming or Buzzing Sounds

Home wiring often doesn’t make any noise since correct connections prevent additional currents from escaping. However, you might hear a buzzing or humming sound as the electricity travels between the light and the wall. If a fixture is installed improperly or the wires are damaged, this means that a live current could be freely flowing in the room, which could be dangerous. If the wire damage is near a light switch, it may also sound similar.

2. Burning Odors

You may also notice a faint burning smell in the air if your wires aren’t hooked up correctly. This smell is often because the material or wire coating is burning. This is what makes this sign a little more dangerous than the others. It is important to hire an electrical contractor to replace these components before a fire breaks out in your house.

3. Excess Heat When On

If your light fixture is hot to the touch when it is turned on, this could also indicate danger. This is because faulty wiring is releasing a current that is heating the area around it. It is important to check if certain rooms are hotter than others because of this, and make sure to wear protection when checking any fixture.

4. Scorching

Heat can also cause scorch marks. If you notice these on or around your light fixture, this could be another sign that faulty wiring is releasing free-flowing electrical currents. Our team of electrical contractors offer reliable wiring repair or installation services in Framingham, MA and will help you determine the source of the scorch marks on your light fixture. These marks are usually jet-black in color and can cause further issues such as burning odors.

5. Flickering Lights

A noticeable sign of faulty electrical wiring is flickering lights. This is a telltale sign that something is wrong, and it could lead to more dangerous problems. If your electrical system is working correctly, your lights should be illuminated continuously in each room of your house. Our professionals offer exceptional electrical services and have the tools necessary to fix defective light fixtures or wiring in your living space.

Ceiling Fan Installation Services in Framingham, MA

Ceiling Fan Repair & Replacement Services

Residents in Massachusetts know better than anyone how important ceiling fans are to keeping your home cool all summer and warm all winter. Did you know that a functioning ceiling fan can actually lower your heating and cooling bills by circulating air around your home more efficiently? It may even help to assist your HVAC system, so it doesn’t have to work as hard. Whether you need to install, repair, or replace your ceiling fan, our local electricians can help improve the comfort of your house.

When you need a trusted electrician in Framingham, MA, count on the experts right here at Nicholson. We hire only the best technicians, and they have the tools, equipment, and expertise necessary to tackle any electrical project. To learn more or to schedule a service, give us a call now!

Renovations & Remodeling

Are you thinking about remodeling your home and wondering what that might mean for your electrical system and wiring? Just give us a call at Nicholson. If we can’t answer your questions over the phone, we’ll send out a Framingham electrician to look things over and give you the information you need.

Electrical Services in Framingham, MA

Electrical Contractors in Framingham, MA and Other Areas

When you are encountering problems with the lighting, electrical panel, or wiring in your home, you can count on our team of electrical contractors to restore comfort and safety. Our technicians provide exceptional electrical services for homes in areas of Massachusetts such as Waltham, Blackstone, Newton, Framingham, Marlborough, Norwood, Natick, and Shrewsbury.

We hire only the best electricians and they have the tools, equipment and expertise necessary to tackle any electrical project. Give our professionals a call by phone at (508) 301-1767 or book an appointment online to receive help with an electrical issue in your house.

Call us at (508) 301-1767 for fast, reliable emergency electrical services! Find a local electrician today for dependable electrical services in your area!

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