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Water Leak Repair and Detection Services in Massachusetts

A small water leak can lead to major damage in your house. Fortunately, innovative solutions and years of expertise have allowed homeowners to detect leaks early before things take a turn for the worse. Our team of emergency plumbers provide exceptional water leak repair and detection services for homes in areas of Massachusetts such as Marlborough, Framingham, Milford, Newton, Waltham, and Natick. With same-day detection and emergency repair services, you can depend on the experts at Nicholson to solve your plumbing issues.

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Many water leaks can happen right under your nose. This is because most of the pipes in your home aren’t visible. When a leak springs, water can seep into your walls, causing gallons of water loss and a plethora of damage.

Luckily, there are a few signs you can watch out for. If you’re noticing musty odors, leaky faucets, or unusually high water bills, you might have a water leak on your hands. You can fix your water leak by using our water detection and repair services before the issue springs out of control.

Top 6 Causes of Water Leaks in Homes

Recognizing the signs of a water leak early on can save you thousands. From clogged sinks to tree roots, we have created an outline of the top six causes of water leaks in a home.

1. Broken Seals

It’s not uncommon for seals to deteriorate over time. Seals are tight gaskets that connect pipes, valves, and other fittings on your appliances. As time goes on, these seals can break. An easy way to spot a broken seal is if there are any noticeable water puddles or condensation around your appliances.

2. Clogged Pipes

There is nothing more frustrating than a sink that won’t drain, especially when you have a sink full of dishes to wash. Clogged pipes aren’t just an annoyance. Clogs can lead to burst pipes, causing significant water damage with a hefty repair price. Avoid serious clogs by getting your pipes inspected by the professionals on our team.

Water Leak Repair Services in Framingham, MA

3. Corrosion

Rust never sleeps, and it certainly won’t take a snooze on your pipes. Over time, rust can eat away at your pipes, leading to corrosion and cracked or burst pipes. Our team of plumbers offer water leak repair services in Framingham, MA and are committed to helping you perform an inspection of the water pipes in your home. If our professionals find corrosion on the water lines behind your walls, we will replace the damaged pipes to ensure you are protected from the negative consequences of water leaks and damage.

4. Damaged Pipe Joints

Pipe joints can become damaged over the years. The only thing about pipe joints is that you can’t see them. However, you can hear them. If you hear any banging, clanging, or ticking noises after you turn a faucet on, there is a chance your pipe joints are damaged. Schedule an appointment with our plumbers for a comprehensive pipe inspection.

5. High Water Pressure

Many homeowners will complain about low water pressure, but what if your water pressure is too high? High water pressure can often go overlooked, but a strong stream of water can put your pipes under a lot of stress. This can result in broken pipes and water leaks. If you’re experiencing high or uneven water pressure, contact a professional plumber to perform a water leak repair project. A licensed technician will inspect your pipes for small to large leaks.

6. Intruding Tree Roots

Yes, tree roots can cause major pipe damage. If you live in an area with a lot of trees and foliage, there is a possibility that intrusive tree roots can damage your pipes. This pipe damage can result in sinkholes or wet patches on your property. Secure your water lines and book an appointment to speak with one of our plumbing professionals today.

Water Leak Repair Services in Framingham, MA

Water Leak Detection and Repair Services in Framingham, MA and Other Areas

If you live in an older home or have continuous plumbing issues, it’s in your best interest to have your pipes fixed. Our team of professional technicians offer reliable water leak detection and repair services for families in areas of Massachusetts such as Norwood, Shrewsbury, Framingham, Marlborough, Newton, Milford, and Needham. From copper pipes to PEX pipes, re-piping your plumbing system will increase your safety and eliminate the risk of costly repairs.

Burst water or sewer lines are a recipe for disaster. Safeguard your home and catch early pipe damage before it’s too late with our water leak detection services. With a team of experienced and efficient plumbing professionals on your side, you can gain the peace of mind you’ve been hoping for by catching harmful leaks fast. Give our team of plumbers a call at (508) 301-1767 to receive assistance with damaged water pipes in your home.

If you need help fixing a water leak in your home, give our team of expert plumbers a call at (508) 301-1767 to book an appointment.

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