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How to Keep Your Electric Bill Down

How to Keep Your Electric Bill Down

It is officially June and we have been in quarantine for about 3 months now. At this point, we all have adapted to a routine. Everyone has a place for school and work. We are staying inside the house more, cooking more. Watching more television and using electronics. Unfortunately, this is going to be how we live moving forward. Even though we are using more electricity than normal, there are ways to keep your electric bill down. See below our tips and tricks!

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We don’t need to keep everything plugged in all the time. If you are not using it, simply unplug it. Even if an appliance is powered off, you are still using electricity having it plugged in. We understand not everything can be unplugged, like the refrigerator, but make a conscious effort to unplug all the appliances you are not currently using.

Multitask and charge you phones in the car when you are driving!
This may seem very 1950’s but if you are looking for a way to cut corners and save a few dollars, why not hang up your clothes to dry instead of using the dryer. Another option is alternating every other month!
Use energy saving light bulbs! the LED Light Bulbs are pricer than regular light bulbs but they are a better investment since they will use much less energy.
There is no reason to have your lights on during the day. Take advantage of NATURAL LIGHT! When the sun sets, be cautious of how many lights you have on. If you leave a room, turn the light off.
Make sure you have a licensed electrician check your electric system every four years. Maintaining your electrical system can save you money. Check for broken wires, wire insulation drying out, loose switches, and overheating caused by dirt and oil. This is also a huge risk for starting a fire.
If you feel your home is using more electricity than it should, please contact Nicholson today to have one of our licensed electricians come out and check out your home.