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7 Popular Types of Lights for Kitchens

7 Popular Types of Lights for Kitchens

Your kitchen is a workspace. All good workspaces need plenty of balanced lighting to keep you focused. From general lighting to task lighting, you can benefit from utilizing various types of lighting in your kitchen. Let’s take a look at the top types of lights for kitchens and the benefits offered.

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Top Light Fixtures for Kitchens and Benefits

Why have one type of light when you can mix and match? Lights have different functions, and they can all work together to create a unique working environment. Here are our top picks.

1. Recessed Lights

The ambiance of your kitchen plays an important role in how you cook. If you’re interested in a sleek, modern kitchen, recessed lighting is a great choice. Recessed lights are installed into the ceiling, providing a clean, finished space.

2. Surface Lights

Surface lighting was a popular choice for kitchens throughout most of the 20th century. Instead of sinking into the ceiling, surface lights are installed at the surface. These lights can range from single bulbs to fluorescent tubes and require occasional dusting.

3. Pendant Lights

You have probably heard about the pendant light trend. If you haven’t, we are here to explain it. Pendant lights are like surface lights but are versatile and attractive. Pendant lights can be hung at any height and can liven up the ambiance of a kitchen.

4. Flush Mount Kitchen Ceiling Lights

Do you have a small or medium-sized kitchen? Flush-mount kitchen ceiling lights could be the ideal light choice for you. Flush mount kitchen ceiling lights are typically dome-shaped and produce efficient workspace light for those nights when you are cooking late.

5. Kitchen Track Lighting

Track lighting is an attractive strip of lights designed to light up areas like kitchen islands or bars. Add warm bulbs to track lighting for an inviting array of lights hung above your gathering spaces. This type of kitchen lighting can be installed above countertops and other locations.

6. Under-Cabinet Kitchen Lights

Have you ever tried to sift under your cabinets at night? Under-cabinet kitchen lighting makes it easy to find what you’re looking for while brightening up your workspace. Plus, they make great night lights.

7. Wall Sconces or Wall-Mounted Kitchen Lights

Wall scones or wall-mounted kitchen lights are a lot like flush-mount lights. However, this type of kitchen light is installed on your wall and not the ceiling. Wall sconces come in various shapes and sizes that cater to your personal taste. Add warm lighting for an inviting glow.

Electrical Repair Services

Lighting Installation and Replacement Services

Lighting is a wonderful way to beautify your kitchen, but who wants to deal with all those wires? Our team of local electricians in Newton, MA and other areas offer comprehensive lighting installation and replacement services for homes. Never try to tackle wiring by yourself and leave the lighting installation projects to us.

Our licensed technicians also offer other types of electrical services such as ceiling fan replacement, and electrical panel installation. Our electricians can install and replace your kitchen lighting so you can get your cooking finished in peace. Give our staff a call at (508) 301-1767 to receive help installing new lights in your kitchen.