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Central Air Conditioning: 3 Easy Ways to Prepare Your AC for Summer

Central Air Conditioning: 3 Easy Ways to Prepare Your AC for Summer

Want to keep cooling cost to a minimum this summer? Of course, who wouldn’t? Well, you need to make sure your central A/C is in tip top shape to work as efficiently as possible.

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Here are 3 ways you can easily prepare your central air conditioner for the sweaty summer that’s around the corner.

Check/change the air filter

An air filter usually needs changing once a month. Otherwise, a dirty filter will block airflow in your duct system. This forces your air conditioner to work longer—and harder— to cool your home, shooting your utility costs through the roof.

Did we mention this is also bad for the health of your central air conditioner?

According to ENERGY STAR, “A dirty filter can increase energy costs and damage your equipment, leading to early failure.

Clean the air conditioner condenser unit

Look at your air conditioner’s outside unit (also called the condenser unit) with the big fan.

Its job is to release heat that the refrigerant has absorbed from your indoor air. But if the outside unit’s coils are covered in dirt, it has trouble dispersing heat from the refrigerant.

If it can’t disperse heat easily, then your central air conditioner takes longer to cool your home because the refrigerant now can’t efficiently absorb more heat from your air.

And, as you know, an air conditioner that runs longer than it needs to means higher energy bills.

Keep your utility bills low by getting professional to clean your AC’s coils before summer hits. This is usually done as part of a yearly air conditioner tune up.

Trim shrubbery around your air conditioner

Give your air conditioner some breathing room! If you have branches or shrubbery covering the outside unit, the same thing happens like if it’s covered in dirt.

So, get your clippers ready and make sure your air conditioner has at least 12 inches of space above and around it.

Want to maximize your A/C’s efficiency?

Just like with a car, there’s only so much you can maintain on your own with your air conditioner. Here’s ENERGY STAR’S checklist for maintenance your A/C needs every year. As you can see, many require a professional’s touch.

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