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Differences Between Single Stage, Two Stage & Variable Speed Furnaces

Differences Between Single Stage, Two Stage & Variable Speed Furnaces

When you’re in the market for a new furnace in Massachusetts, you certainly have several options from which to choose, and there are several factors that must be taken into consideration. One of the biggest decisions you’ll encounter is whether you should opt for a single stage, two stage or variable speed furnace.

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Here’s a bit more information on these types of furnaces to help you make a more informed decision.

Single Stage, Two Stage & Variable Speed Furnaces

Single Stage Furnace

A single stage, or one-stage, furnace means exactly what the name sounds like – it only has one setting. Whenever it’s turned on, this type of furnace is running at full capacity regardless of the outside temperature. Single stage furnaces are less efficient than other types because they’re always running at full blast.

Two Stage Furnace

Two stage furnaces have two output levels – low and high. Most of the time, these furnaces operate on the low setting. They only kick into high gear when an extra boost is needed to raise the temperature in your home. Two stage furnaces generally only operate on high about 25% of the time.

These furnaces run for longer periods of time, but they provide more even heat distribution throughout your home. Most homeowners find that two stage furnaces are quieter than single stages furnaces, and they usually don’t need to adjust their thermostats as often.

Variable Speed Furnaces

“Variable speed” doesn’t actually refer to the furnace itself. Rather, it refers to the system’s indoor blower motor. The motor operates at varying speeds to accurately control the flow of heated air throughout your home.

Variable speed furnaces feature advanced technology that allow them to constantly monitor and adjust blower settings as needed. This allows for more efficient operation, and variable speed furnaces also offer the greatest comfort for homeowners. They’re quiet, provide improved indoor air quality, and they’re an excellent choice for many homes.

New Furnace in Massachusetts

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