Is This the Year for a Heating Replacement?

Quick: think of the most exciting ways in which you may choose to spend your money. Don’t worry, we understand if “replacing my heating system” didn’t make your short list. While it may not be all that thrilling, replacing your heater is going be necessary eventually. But how do you know if the time has come?

If your answer is to wait for the system to break down entirely, you may want to rethink your strategy. Yes, this is probably the most obvious sign that a heating replacement in Sudbury, MA is necessary. Ideally, though, you’ll have replaced your heating system before reaching the point of a total breakdown.

How Old Is Your System?

The age of your system is a major deciding factor when thinking about replacing your heater. Like any other mechanical system, your heater is working with a finite lifespan. All heaters fail at some point, and it is important that you understand your heater’s life expectancy.

Refer to the manufacturer’s literature to determine how long you can expect your heater to last. If you’re creeping up on its twilight years, an early retirement may make more sense than risking a breakdown this winter.

How Efficient Is Your System?

Because there has been so much innovation in the HVAC industry, even those heaters manufactured just a decade ago may pale in comparison to new systems when it comes to efficiency. Plus, there is a good chance that a very old system may not be performing at its peak efficiency, even if that efficiency level was not all that impressive to begin with.

Replacing your heater when it is operating reliably may seem counterintuitive. If you are interested in long term savings, though, upgrading to a more efficient system now may be the way to go. The energy savings over time can help to offset the initial cost of the replacement.

Does It Suit Your Preferences?

The fact of the matter is that you just may want to use a different type of heater than you have in your home. That is more than enough reason for replacing your system. Oftentimes, homeowners inherit a heater with their homes, and it is not one of their own choosing.

Want to try ductless mini splits rather than a furnace? Interested in using baseboards to avoid forced air entirely? Whatever the case may be, we’ll outfit your home with the replacement heater that you really want in place.

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  • Nicholson offered what is possibly the best customer service I have dealt with in a home repair situation.  I called them because I was looking to replace my very old furnace.  They came out to do an initial estimate, and then came back when I had some further questions about my options.  After installing the furnace, they ran into some problems with my air ducts.  This happened on a Friday, and the problem was fixed by Monday afternoon.  In addition to their excellent service, they did quality work at a fair price.  I would recommend them to anyone looking for an HVAC company in the Framingham area!

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    - Ben J.

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