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Signs Your Water Heater is About to Fail

Signs Your Water Heater is About to Fail

A water heater is one of the basic necessities of your greater MetroWest area home. If you don’t believe that, try living with only cold showers or no hot water for basic sanitation for a few days.

Like any other home appliance, water heaters age and eventually reach the end of their lifespan. They need attention and occasional maintenance to ensure a long, useful life. The experts at Nicholson Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning  offers tips for knowing when a water heater is getting close to needing replacement.

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It’s All About the Money

First, pay attention to your utility bills. If they keep increasing and the rest of your heating system is up to date, it could mean that your water heater is no longer operating efficiently and is beginning to break down. Even if the water heater still has a few years left in it, replacing it with a newer energy-efficient model can pay off in lower utility bills.

Leaking Water

If the water heater is leaking, call a licensed plumbing professional immediately. It can be a sign of impending failure. Ignoring the warning signs could mean not only having to replace the water heater but paying thousands of dollars to repair water damage to flooring and replace carpet. Believe us — the 30 or 50 gallons of water stored in a water heater may not sound like all that much until it floods your home.

Rusty Water

Mineral sediment builds up in water heater storage tanks over time. If enough builds up, it can make itself known through rusty or discolored water pouring out of taps or into toilets. Sediment is easily dealt with by occasionally flushing a water heater tank, but if regular maintenance is ignored, the sediment can build up enough to prevent the heater from functioning.

Time to Upgrade?

If you know your conventional water heater is reaching the end of its useful lifespan, reach out to the licensed professionals at Nicholson Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning to learn about the advantages of replacing it.

Many households in the greater MetroWest area benefit from upgrading to a tankless water heater. Tankless versions use less energy than storage water heaters and last five to 10 years longer. Massachusetts residents also have rebates available through the Mass Save energy assessment program to upgrade to tankless water heaters with some homeowners eligible for zero percent financing.

If you could use help with your heating system or tank to talk about replacing your existing water heater, contact Nicholson today at 508-893-4258. We proudly offer discounts for seniors, veterans and disabled individuals.