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What Tank Water Heater Size Do I Need? [FAQ]

What Tank Water Heater Size Do I Need? [FAQ]
Need a new storage tank water heater? You may be wondering, “What water heater size do I need?”

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Great question (and an important one, too).

A tank that’s too large will run up your energy bills. And one that’s too small will run out out of hot water too quickly, leaving you in a deep freeze during shower time.

So, just like Goldilocks and the three bears, you want to get the size that’s just right.

To do that, do these 2 things:

  1. Find your family’s highest demand of hot water during the day
  2. Find a water heater size that matches that demand of hot water

It’s just like shopping for shoes. Measure your foot size; find the shoe that fits. Simple!

Step 1: Measure your peak hour demand

First, think about the time of day you’re using the most hot water in 1 hour. It’s usually the morning or evening. This is your “peak hour demand.”

Next, estimate how much water you use in that 1-hour period. To do that, use this worksheet from the U.S Department of Energy.


For example, let’s say your highest demand of hot water is in the morning from 6:30 to 7:30. Three people take a shower and 2 people shave. Using this worksheet, you figure out the peak hour demand like this:

  • 3 showers x 10 gallons per shower= 30 gallons
  • 2 shavings x 2 gallons per shaving = 4 gallons
  • 30 gallons + 4 gallons= 34 gallons

That means you need a tank size that can give you at least 34 gallons of hot water within that 1 hour. (And maybe more than 34 gallons in case you have guests.)

OK, so the foot has been measured. Time to find the shoe that fits.

Step 2: Find the first hour rating that matches your peak hour demand

First hour rating (FHR) measures how much hot water a water heater supplies in 1 hour assuming that the entire tank is full of hot water.

Finding this is simple: look on the top left corner of the water heater’s yellow Energyguide label. Or, if you’re shopping online, look in the product details.

Here’s an example:


This electric water heater has a capacity (1st hour rating) of 48 gallons.

Still need help finding the right water heater?

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