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Do You Need Annual Furnace Maintenance to Prevent Voiding the Warranty? It Depends…

Do You Need Annual Furnace Maintenance to Prevent Voiding the Warranty? It Depends…

It depends on what the furnace warranty says.

Every furnace warranty is different. And we don’t just mean some cover parts and labor and others just cover parts.

What we mean is that every furnace warranty has different terms and conditions about maintenance and how it affects the warranty.

We will say this: MANY furnace warranties state that you need to routinely maintain your furnace to some level.

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But here’s the catch: maintaining your furnace to the level required in most furnace warranties requires a professional heating contractor’s abilities. (Unless you are a furnace expert).

Seems unfair, but it’s no different than having a mechanic maintain your car to maintain its warranty.

What to look for in a professional furnace maintenance visit

Find a heating contractor whose furnace maintenance service closely matches this maintenance checklist by ENERGY STAR.

Whatever you do, don’t assume all contractors furnace maintenance services are the same.  Some charge too much and do very little. And others charge “too good to be true” prices (free or $10) as an opportunity to scam you.

One common furnace maintenance scam includes the furnace technician using fear to pressure you into replacing your furnace during the maintenance visit, according to the BBB.

For example the technician will say your furnace is “dangerous” because there’s a crack inside the furnace that presents a fire hazard.

To pressure you further, they’ll turn the furnace off and tell you to keep it off unless you replace it.

Here’s where the scam gets dirty: They’ll offer to waive the cost of their “maintenance” if you buy a new furnace from them within a “special promotional” time period.

One Connecticut homeowner had a situation like this. The heating contractor told the homeowner that the furnace needed replacing. The homeowner was smart enough to seek a second opinion. The second contractor told the homeowner that they actually didn’t need a new furnace. Avoiding this furnace scam saved the homeowner $3,200!

Your big takeaways:

  • Make sure any heating contractor you contact is upfront about what they offer in a furnace maintenance visit.
  • Avoid free or “to-good-to-be-true” maintenance offers.
  • If the contractor pressures you to replace your furnace, get a second opinion.

The best time of the year to get furnace maintenance

ENERGY STAR suggests fall.



  • Heating contractors aren’t as busy during this time compared to winter. So you can get a contractor out quickly.
  • The HVAC technician can nip furnace issues in the bud before they blossom and keep the furnace running efficiently, helping you lower your utility bills.

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