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Money-Saving Tips to Get Your Air Conditioner Ready for Summer

Money-Saving Tips to Get Your Air Conditioner Ready for Summer
As temperatures continue to rise, we want to help you get a head start on summer by preparing your Framingham area home. Use these tips to save money on your air conditioning bills and help prevent costly air conditioner breakdowns this year.

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Check attic insulation – A well insulated home is much more energy efficient and many homes have been built with less than the recommended amount of attic insulation. According to ENERGY STAR, Framingham homes should have insulation ratings of R49 to R60, which is a minimum of 10-14 inches.

Seal air leaks – You pay to cool the air in your home, so don’t let it leak out! Caulk around doors and windows and replace worn weather stripping. This will cut your air conditioning costs this summer and create a much more energy efficient home. ENERGY STAR has put together a complete guide to sealing your home. Download the guide here.

Check/change your filter – You already do this regularly, right? Before running your air conditioner this summer, make sure you inspect your air filter and change it if it is visibly dirty. Dirty filters restrict airflow, reducing your air conditioner’s efficiency and potentially leading to other, more expensive repairs.

Clear the area around your air conditioner – Quickly clear the area around your outdoor air conditioning unit of any debris that has collected over the winter. Remove leaves, dead grass and weeds and prune any shrubs or bushes that are near the unit. These steps will ensure your air conditioner has adequate airflow.

Check the drain line – While cooling your home, your air conditioner will create excess moisture that needs to be drained out of your home. You can make sure the drain line is clear by turning on the air conditioner and looking for a small amount of water exiting the drain line outside your Framingham area home. You shouldn’t see a lot of water, but if you don’t see anything your drain line may need to be cleared.

Get a tune-up from an air conditioning professional – The EPA, ENERGY STAR and the U.S. Department of Energy all recommend annual tune-ups for your air conditioning equipment. These annual air conditioner tune-ups will keep your cooling system running safely and efficiently throughout the summer and reduce the risk of a costly air conditioner breakdown.

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